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An evening's amble

Now and then during the summer months - perhaps even a couple of times in a week if the weather's fine and there's a couple of hours or so of daylight left - I'll decide to go for a walk after work. Certainly nothing strenuous - perhaps a couple of miles an hour until I feel like stopping. To be honest, more of an amble. And over the years, I've developed several favourite after-work ambles.

Like this evening's. I got off the train at Finsbury Park station and walked into and across Finsbury Park itself. Then out into Endymion Road (whoever named the streets just north of Finsbury Park was presumably a fan of Disraeli's novels), up to Wightman Road and down Umfreville Road to Haringey Passage.

I find Haringey Passage something of a curiosity. In one sense it is very ordinary - a narrow alleyway between one street and the next. But you cross the next street and it continues to the next, and the next, and the next, and... until it's gone about a mile and crossed about twenty streets.

Twenty - no, not identical streets. True, all the streets are straight and about a quarter of a mile long, Green Lanes at one end and Wightman Road at the other. True, the streets all consist of late Victorian (or perhaps a bit later) two-up two-down terrace houses with bow windows at the front. But one street's flat and the next but one is anything but, the solid two-storey bow frontages of the southern streets slowly devolve to wimpish single-storey ones as you go north - and so on. Why, at one stage there's even an entirely typical late Victorian school (separate boys' and girls' entrances) alongside the path.

And after twenty streets, you emerge between shops rather than houses - you've reached Turnpike Lane.

So, what next? This time, I walked straight across and through back streets to Wood Green High Road. And then through back streets behind the Shopping City towards Alexandra Palace station. I'd now been walking (with occasional stops) for about ninety minutes, there was another half hour or so of daylight left - and the next train was in about five minutes. I decided to stop and catch the train.

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