August 17th, 2019

Watching Dublin 2019 at a distance

In something which has developed into a tradition of many years' standing, I have set up a temporary public friends group of LJs and LJ feeds of people attending Dublin 2019: an Irish Worldcon.

As in previous years, most of the LJs listed were already on my friends list, but if and when I spot others posting on LJ from or about Dublin 2019 who are not on the list, I may well friend them and add them to the group.

However, traditions can outlast their point and this one, I think, has now probably done so. A dozen, or even five, years ago, I might have fifty or more LJs included in the group, which between them could give a definite sense of what was happening at that year's Worldcon. Unfortunately, with Livejournal's decline no longer - last year, my attempt at putting together a friends group covering Worldcon 76 resulted in only about five active LJs (and I never went public with it), and even this year (when Worldcon is geographically relatively local to me) the group is scarcely larger. So this is probably time to call it a day.

However, if you spot any interesting LJs or LJ feeds about Dublin 2019 that I have missed, please feel free to prove me wrong and comment here to tell me about them.