August 20th, 2015

How I voted on the Hugo ballot

I usually do another LJ post at this time of year, and it will be following this one very shortly - but, unlike most years, this year's Worldcon, by no apparent fault of the organisers, seems to be rather politically charged, to the extent that this will undoubtedly be reflected in commentary on it. So I am making this rather belated post about how I voted in the Hugos, to try to make my own perspective fairly clear and, hopefully, avoid  getting into arguments not intended on either side and which I am unlikely to have the time and patience to deal with.

Having said that, do feel free to comment - but please note that, this year, I will be moderating comments on these two posts.

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Watching Sasquan from a distance

Continuing with what has become something of a tradition for quite a few years now, I have set up a temporary public friends group of LJers attending Sasquan.

While, so far, all the LJs listed were already on my friends list, I will probably be adding a few others who look likely to be posting from or about Sasquan - though I may be dropping at least some of them again in a few weeks once it has receded into the distance. However, if you are one of the new additions, friending me back or having met me in real life or writing interestingly enough in your LJ that I have to keep reading it are good tactics for keeping you on my friends list.

If you spot any interesting LJs or LJ feeds about Sasquan, please feel free to comment here to tell me about them.

(Quasi-political addendum: Feel free to comment, but unlike most years, I will be moderating comments on this post, to try to avoid getting into unwanted arguments. If you want to work out what I may or may not find acceptable, please see my previous post.)