March 31st, 2012

Awards shortlisting season...

You know that it's the Awards shortlisting season when the shouting starts - most spectacularly this year with Christopher Priest's elegantly-written invective on the Clarke Awards shortlist.

To start on a tangent - I have nominated four novels for the Hugos this year. Zoo City by Lauren Beukes (last year's Clarke winner, but eligible for the Hugos this year because of delayed American publication). The Islanders by a certain Christopher Priest. Embassytown by China Miéville. And Rule 34 by Charles Stross. That's right - leaving aside Zoo City, I've nominated Priest's latest novel, a novel he has labelled as an inferior one by a potentially great writer, and one whose inclusion on the Clarke shortlist he has called "indefensible". And nothing he has said has caused me to doubt my choices.
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So, the nominees may be able to look after themselves, but the judges? Under these conditions, any panel confronted with any attack - even one consisting of M. John Harrison, John Clute, Christopher Priest, Ursula K. LeGuin and David Langford, attacked by a teenager with a couple of showy but nonsensical arguments - could find difficulty in responding. The judges may be an easy target, but then - any target working under rules that don't allow it to respond to attack is easy.