November 5th, 2008

Once (or twice) in a lifetime...

As a Brit, the last 24 hours have reminded me strongly of just one previous day in my life - 2 May 1997. The knowing that the party of which I was (and am still) a member was well ahead in the opinion polls but a total lack of trust that this would translate into victory - I recognised and, though this time rather at second hand, have felt that all that again.

And probably, over the next few years, Barack Obama will disappoint people just as Tony Blair did (if me somewhat less than a number of people on my flist - but there's a party I'd like to drop in on this evening, so I won't take that argument up now). But probably in rather different, and possibly lesser, ways. We will see.

But, on previous experience, while the memory of the past 48 hours may be tarnished by future events, it will not be destroyed. The world can genuinely change for the better once and for all.