August 24th, 2006

Watching L.A.con IV from a distance

In order to find out what going on at Worldcon, I've set up a temporary friends group of LJers at L.A.con IV who are either already on my friends list or who look like posting from Anaheim - and I've made it public in case anyone else might find it useful.

This means that my friends list is likely to grow rapidly over the next three or four days, and - unlike previously - a number of the new friends will be people who I know scarcely or not at all. I'll therefore probably be defriending a number (though probably not all) of my new friends in two or three weeks' time, though there are one or two tactics that are likely to encourage me to keep them - like friending me back or writing interestingly enough that I want to keep in touch when life gets more mundane again.

If you spot any interesting LJs, LJ feeds - or indeed other web resources - about L.A.con, please feel free to comment here to tell me about them.