June 4th, 2006

What does Six Apart mean by "nudity"?

Can anyone explain to me exactly what FAQ 111 is meant to prohibit? Pretty much every dictionary I can find seems to define nudity as "the state of being unclothed", or something very close to that - something I'd read as suggesting that the person depicted was wearing no clothes at all.

Clearly, though, Six Apart is using a wider definition than that - presumably what Wikipedia currently gives as a secondary definition: "wearing significantly less clothing than expected by the conventions of a particular culture and situation".

So - which culture? which situation? FAQ 111 certainly doesn't say - which presumably means that the only safe default userpics are ones which are not regarded as depicting nudity by any culture in any situation. And not only can't I think of a single part of the human body which this would safely allow - FAQ 111 does not use species-specific language, and neither do the various definitions I've come across. For that matter, FAQ 111 doesn't use gender-specific language either - though, strangely, the current crackdown does seem somewhat gender-specific. Odd.