April 3rd, 2006

Friending some more people

I've been doing some follow-up on my last entry here, adding a few more friends. There's some slight obfuscation in some of my remarks below, mainly because I suspect that one (at least) of the people I'm mentioning might prefer it that way:

bugshaw, of course - that's mostly a case of "why did't I do it earlier?", though there's also a bit of friending back people who friend me.

And a couple of others further down the list. In one case, someone I only knew very slightly a few months back when I found and identified her LJ but have got to know rather better over the past couple of months.

In another, a total coincidence. I'd learned several months back that the person concerned had an LJ, looked for it at the time and not spotted it. The LJ concerned appeared some distance down the list in my last entry and I recognised it as one I'd been intending to look at. Then I saw the biographical details and realised who it was. The coincidence, though, was the latest entry in the LJ concerned (no more details, even on request, except to the person concerned - who I expect will recognise the coincidence if they read this - or with their permission).