November 6th, 2005

Moors, television programmes and 10th-century German diplomacy

Yesterday evening, I decided to watch a programme called "When the Moors Ruled in Europe". My impressions? Decidedly mixed. A lot of the pictures were beautiful and, provided you let the commentary wash over you without taking in the precise details, it gave a reasonably good impression of Andalusi history and culture. But the details? Aaaargh...
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However, while I knew most of what they had to say (or knew it was wrong), I did get a couple of interesting, if not entirely surprising, new facts (subject to confirmation). One I've already mentioned in a comment in brisingamen's LJ - Muslim girl singers at court of the Duke of Aquitaine exactly contemporary with the first troubadours.

The other was some descriptions of the Caliph's court in Cordoba by a tenth-century monk, John of Gorze, who went there on a diplomatic mission from Otto I of Germany (later Holy Roman Emperor).
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