June 18th, 2005

I'm here...

Because I'm here.

Oh, that reason's rather circular, isn't it?

So here are some subsidiary ones, in no particular order:
  • To join in LJ discussions with friends and other people I know from elsewhere (or don't but who seem interesting)

  • To keep track of LJs which I'm finding informative or interesting

  • To give myself somewhere personal and more or less public to make remarks on everyday life or rants on any topic that grabs my interest

The second point there explains how I'm using my Friends list at the moment - for LJs of people whom I know at least slightly from elsewhere (exclusively SF fandom so far - but that's mostly related to what I've been looking at on LJ so far, and will probably change as I look further) and which I'd tend to be checking anyway fairly often. If you are on it and would prefer not to be, please let me know - I'll do my best not to take it personally.

See you around.

Peter Wilkinson