Peter Wilkinson (pwilkinson) wrote,
Peter Wilkinson

At LonCon 3, but still watching it

In most recent years, I have been watching Worldcon through other people's LJs. Well, this year, for the first time since Interaction in 2005, I'll actually be there and probably too busy to do much LJ reading, but why stop a tradition? I can always read it afterwards. So I have again set up a temporary public friends group of LJers attending LonCon 3.

While most of the LJs listed were already on my friends list, I have added a few others who look likely to be posting from or about LonCon 3 (including several who I was surprised I'd not friended years back). I may or may not be dropping a few of them again in a few weeks once Loncon has receded into the distance. However, you certainly won't be dropped if you friend me back or have met me in real life (or do so in the next few days for long enough for me to make the connection between you and your LJ) or write interestingly enough in your LJ (or feed into LJ) that I have to keep reading it.

There are already over sixty LJs in the friends group (more than I've ever had there before, I think - who said that LJ was dying?), but if you are at Loncon and want your LJ added, or you spot any other interesting LJs or LJ feeds about LonCon 3, please feel free to comment here to tell me.

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