Peter Wilkinson (pwilkinson) wrote,
Peter Wilkinson

Watching LoneStarCon 3 from a distance

As has become something of a tradition in most recent years, I've set up a temporary public friends group of LJers attending LoneStarCon 3.

While most of the LJs listed are already on my friends list, I have added a few others who look likely to be posting from or about LoneStarCon 3 - though I may be dropping at least some of them again in a few weeks once it has receded into the distance. However, if you are one of the new additions, friending me back or having met me in real life or writing interestingly enough in your LJ that I have to keep reading it are good tactics for keeping you on my friends list.

If you spot any interesting LJs, LJ feeds - or indeed other web resources - about LoneStarCon 3, please feel free to comment here to tell me about them.

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