Peter Wilkinson (pwilkinson) wrote,
Peter Wilkinson

Room share available

Having got around to booking accommodation for Interaction far later than I should have - I've now got a spare bed available in a twin room in university accommodation (Cairncross House) for 5 nights from Wednesday 3 August (i.e. leaving Monday 8 August).

Note that the accommodation is fairly basic - self-catering and definitely *not* en-suite. But the room only cost me £30-20 per night, so I'm only asking for half that (i.e. £15-10 per night, £75-50 for the five nights).

Any takers (preferably male, non-smoking)? If so, either reply here (probably the safer option if you want to make certain it gets through) or by email to peterw(at)pwilkinson(dot)cix(dot)co(dot)uk (starting the subject title with 'Worldcon accommodation').

Note that while I'm willing to consider people wanting to share for less than five nights (and paying just for the nights they are there), I'm
likely to wait a few days (probably until Wednesday or Thursday) to see if I can get a customer for the full period. (If you're only wanting a shorter period, it may be worth checking the Interaction accommodation pages - there still seems to be very limited other university accommodation available for some nights despite it being marked "fully booked" but you can only book it by phone - not online.)

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